8@8 preblast: Rickrolling

8-mile route: https://www.strava.com/routes/10082722

Down QRE > veer onto Selwyn > RT on QRW > LT on Princeton > LT on Park > RT on Marsh > cross South, RT on Rail Trail > dog-leg L onto Camden > continue onto Tryon > RT on Morehead > continue onto Queens > Gold Man.

Tempo idea: 2-1-2

When you pass the Freedom Park entrance (2.0 miles), drop the hammer on the next 2 miles of climbing and get to the Rail Trail as quick as you can (4.0 miles). Downshift and chill for 1 mile until you cross Tremont, then dog-leg over to Camden (4.9 miles) and crank it again for 2 flat/down miles up S. Tryon and down E. Morehead to the light at the bottom (7.2 miles). See if you can push the downhill pace to threshold; it’s different mechanics than climbing but just as important for BRR. Recover up the Morehead/Queens hill to home. If you’re upset because your watch says 7.95, run to your car and back to COT.

I’m guessing there won’t be a 6-mile crowd this week, but just in case, here’s the 6 route: https://www.strava.com/routes/9589808. (Hopedale > LT on Queens > continue onto East > LT on Dilworth Rd W > RT on Magnolia > through the Publix parking lot and catch us on the Rail Trail for the final 2-mile tempo and recovery. Only problem with this plan is you’ll have to hop a fence to cross the rails. So just come for 8.

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